Ontonetics: a new approach to understanding.


Develop the concept of Ontonetics

Ontonetics: The study of theorems as physical entities. What does it mean to conceive of a theorem? How does it exist, and where? [From ontology + -netics (after cybernetics, coined by Norber Wiener)]

Investigate the applications of Ontonetics

For a rational scientific principle to exist, it has to explain and predict actual events. Does this new way of looking at knowledge increase our understanding, and if so, how and to what extent?

Compare Ontonetics to existing philosophical systems

Modern science evolved from general philosophy. This implies that ontonetics has a direct relation to systems of belief and understanding. How does ontonetics compare to existing philosophical systems, and what does it add to the conversation?


  • Introduction
    • Ontology: the idea of a system of theorems
    • The evolution of theorems over time
    • The three kinds of knowledge
    • Universal theorems
    • Subjective theorems
    • Null theorems
  • Foundations
    • Understanding as a system
    • Theorems as real objects in space/time subject to laws of physics
    • The cost of knowledge: entropy
    • The size of theorems
    • The theorem lifecycle
    • Time, observation, and theorems
    • Space, observability, and theorems
    • Noise
    • Measurement of theorem subjectivity
    • Cybernetic dialectics (analysis and synthesis; decomposition of symbolic systems)
    • Comparison to existing systems of reasoning
    • Entropic combinatorics
    • Probability and Ontonetics
  • Applications
    • Synthesis of Ontonetics
    • Thought experiment: Global warming
    • Thought experiment: The existence of God
    • Thought experiment: The end of the Universe
    • Thought experiment: The invisible hand
  • Disclaimer
    • Not a scientist
    • Not a mathematician
    • May be trivial
    • Free for the use of all humanity

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